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Create a full range of automotive wiring harness products, focusing on the research and development of technology solutions for the entire industry chain


Hexie Electronics has launched different solutions for typical scenarios such as charger power supply, 5G energy storage communication, and drones to meet the needs of diversification, high efficiency, and low cost.

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Hexie Group Co., Ltd. (Hubei Group Headquarters) has six branches, of which the Hubei Headquarters covers an area of 30 acres with a total investment of 150 million yuan. Our company is a well-known enterprise integrating R&D, production, processing, sales and import and export. The company mainly produces: various automobile (PDU, ECU, BMS) wiring harnesses, new energy high and low voltage wiring harnesses, vehicle wiring harnesses, medical wiring harnesses, marine wiring harnesses , electric vehicle/motorcycle wiring harness, mechanical sports product instrumentation wiring harness, automotive electronic wire, low-smoke halogen-free wire, Teflon wire, silicone wire, special wire and cable, plug wire series, connecting wire series and RC model parts and other products .

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Dongguan He Huan New Energy Technology Co., LtdDongguan He Huan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

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Hubei Hexie New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.Hubei Hexie New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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